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March 28, 2012

it’s been a month i have been waiting on this company to call me about a job i heard via grapevine that i got…lol even just that right there is funny as all get out.its quite amazing how much hope and faith we put in the things we hear, so its absolutely true what the BIBLE says that faith comes by hearing. having no other evidence of an occurrence aside from that someone said so, homes can be broken. politics are founded in spoken words that solicit the faith of men and women in the ability of the speaker to change their fate. In Africa its especially funny how the ability of the spoken word to solicit faith is abused, a man that has no credentials but rose through ranks by unscrupulous means can quickly become the people’s hero so long he promises bread and butter. there is one guy in political circles i especially dislike who propounds that development will come by the less powerful taking power (that’s not where my problem is cos i want some of that but the means he proposes for this take over is by use of force and violence then at the end of the day there is distraction of infrastructure we can not possibly afford to repair or build up also this issue of capacity- do these violent power hungry people have the capacity and ability to handle power beyond beating their wives? But oh how he has been heralded as one who will bring power to the down trodden, faith has been put so much in the promise to the level of forgetting the process.AMAZING but its how all things work in life, at times there is just the throwing away of rationale for faith faith faith. In love relationships, for instance, one is quick to believe and trust in the spoken word- ‘i would never hurt you’ – then quickly goes the suspicion and distrust but its common knowledge (well before you fall in love that is) which points to the fact that people are basically selfish so we cannot cannot avoid hurting each other cos its not entirely possible to protect one’s own interests and still cater to the next’s person’s generally those two interests will not be the same thing at some point or other. the one that kills me (not literally but with fascination) is this one no matter how much we have hurt others and been hurt we still believe in the idea of love, lazy Sundays in bed long walks and private smiles across the room- WHY? because TV through the many romantic flicks around (frankly i think there is just too many of those things around its killing our sense of reality!) any way the issue was i haven’t heard about my job and like most things we build so much faith and hope in i am so disappointed and hurt greatly.


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