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April 11, 2012

I toss and turn, unable to sleep.thoughts chase after each other in my feels like my mind is another person separate from me. When i try to close my eyes there is another thought coming in growing the tension. Possible outcomes keep playing out on the 3D big screen in my head mounting the anxiety. Growing up i was told do not worry. As a Christian i am schooled do not worry about anything for the LORD takes care of all your need. but no one taught me how to not worry. so i kneel down and pray before i go to sleep and get in bed to find i cant sleep, my mind is busy.

Now i have discovered the secret to it. the how to not worry lies in simply making a decision.the things that keep me up at night are things i have not made up my mind about. When i decide to go left or right then peace comes because then i am aware that the consequences are my fault. I made the choice i made the decision that leads up to the things that will follow then i am able to embrace consequence. There has been a lot of agony in my life because i have been unable to decide one thing or the other but i have learned when i say yes to A then B becomes non of my business.

When i make mistakes and they hurt me again i have to decide to let it go to forgive myself. I look at myself in the mirror and decide o love me,God loves me, i forgive me and God forgives me and i move on.

Decision is the way not to worry.if you worry about the way a situation is in your life. You decide to change it or get out of it, then you are able to sleep at night. Making a decision is taking back power and control over your thoughts and mind because if left alone the mind can pretty much burn and destroy things that are standing perfectly fine. .

Decide and stop going around in your head. Decide and move!


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