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April 16, 2012

one writer once defined power as the ability to make other people inhabit your truth of their freedom even if its written in their own blood. I just watched the movie ‘Whistleblower” and it made me realize more the truth resonant in the definition by the unnamed author. There is an amazing ability in us humans to exploit others as far as it benefits us and the more vulnerable the other is the greater exploitative power we have.

The economic dynamic of demand and supply apply to the games of power, the more needful one person is of a service we alone can provide the more power we weld over them. it is such a great shame that there is less humanity in the bulk of human beings and worse that we even nurture that lack of humanity in little cultures we adopt in the thinking that it is cool and making ourselves important. In family relations, the uncle who has more money is the one no one speaks against whilst he is allowed to say whatever to whoever can listen and will make the person who needs assistance to jump through hoops to get that help. in that already is exploitation in a relationship that ought to be comfortable.

The way we relate to those around us in need, is a clear indication of how we handle power. Instead of helping we want to make the situation work to our best advantage, which at times means drawing the last drop of sweat and blood. We can keep making noise about how bad things are in our country but as soon as someone gets an increment we hike the prices of everything including SALT! So then what are we saying? Are we truly interested in the plight of the general populace or we are looking for any way to get ahead even if it means the suffering of the masses.

I guess this is how Solomon arrived at the deduction that all is vanity. Having examined the way we relate to power in  contrast to those who it ought to benefit, truly it breaks my heart .

I volunteered at a children’s home for 10months and what i learned is that people who come pick these kids up when they had an agenda to promote and then drop them as soon as the social or corporate obligation was filled until the need for a face lift.

Humanity is truly lacking in humans, the few who care to do good can be easily overwhelmed by the challenges and lack of support that meets them and so give up and let good go. And there is the issue of persecution- doing good attracts more of it than being complacent with the state of things. It breaks my heart the way Police and V.I.D officers have now made corruption normal and fashionable. Where now they only serve those who can pay and only protect the same even when they are the very perpetrators of crime. 

What then are we saying? That by being poor you lose your rights? But is it not those at the bottom in all scenarios that require the most support? How is it OK to fully and openly take advantage of those with nothing to give except maybe at times their dignity and pride?At that point we leave them with what?


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  1. brighton permalink

    This woman is bitter, very bitter. You have raised a lot of important issues about the society we live in. Like anyone else, you are highlighting issues that everyone knows about, but you are not giving any solutions. how should society react to it, how should we move from being exploited with the ones with money. Everyone claims that the whites exploit but if you do a research 99% of people want to do business with white people and an even bigger number wants to be employed by them than our fellow blacks.

  2. ok all I wanted to do was to evoke you to think through these things cos though we claim to know this is whats going on we don’t react to it. Its become a normal way of doing things and what i was hoping for is to shake you back into the realization of how wrong all that is. My solution for all this is simply ‘just say no’ we ought to just say know to things that perpetuate the bad cultures of exploitation ourselves as individuals and if others learn from us that saying no may be hard but it works then they will follow

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