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September 25, 2013

I went to a feminism course a couple of weeks ago and learned a lot about oppression. I used to think I was very free (considering I share my opinion whenever I can even when it is not solicited) but I came into the realization that there are false freedoms and prop choices. As a black, African, Christian woman, there are many things that determine my supposed choices and freedoms. Some of the restrictive ‘rules’ that govern my life I have no idea how they came to be but I find myself at different stages of life supporting my very own oppression and worse going further to push the same oppression on another woman.

My weakness has been a tremendous lack of respect for women who wear short and revealing clothes. These have been known in my vocabulary as skimpy- which really as an English scholar should shame me as I studied Language and gender which speaks of these intersections between language, culture and gender. What I realized is that while I am an oppressor of another sister (and that oppression comes in all manner of forms- a frown is oppression cos it communicates emotion that affects the next person) I am indeed my own oppressor because IS SHE NOT A WOMAN chasing after CHOICE like me, and why should her choices be hindered and hampered by my opinion considering our culture and stories are different. Next time you are sharing an opinion about the next person, consider your role in their oppression. And further think on what has determined your opinion if it was and is not an oppressive movement that has in fact been normalized to a point its the rule not an exception.



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