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October 15, 2013

Africans got rhythm, Africans got soul. Bold black women with curves that brings the coke bottle to shame. Loud laughter that fills the soul with expectancy and joy. Smiles that promise fun and sensuality. Black men built to protect, with long sure strides that melt the heart of romantic damsels. 

Africans got rhythm: vast open spaces where the wind blows soothing rhymes and brings nature alive. Trees that dance to the rhymes of the wind and birds that bring vocals to the rhymes of the wind. African women’s hips that sway to the rhyme of the wind, African man’s large palms that beat drums to the rhymes of nature joined with nature joined with nature to bring alive everything in the vicinity. Africa is the home of rhythm, music an integral part of its make up. Drums, loud, fast, slow, wailing songs that speak of joy, excitement, sexuality, pain, anguish and all things a human has ever experienced. 

Quiet humming as the clothes are hung to dry, quiet songs as the wood is chopped by strong capable hands. Hips swaying, dipping and grinding in time with the beating of the drums, Hands clapping, tongues ululating in encouragement, in joy, in celebration, in concession. No one laughs, sings, dances like an African. Africans have depths unknown and unimaginable, the very essence of us is warmth and rhythm. Blessed with the ability to carry unfathomable wisdom, hope and joy in simplicity. Africans got rhythm Africans got soul. I AM A PROUD AFRICAN WOMAN! 


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